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Leadership Sessions

The Texas Leadership Team has created an awesome lineup of workshops that you can engage in!  Join the team by viewing the schedule below. Every session will have GIFT CARDS!  Did we mention, GIFT CARDS!


Photo Booth

We may not be in person in Dallas, but we can still party virtually in the photo booth! Your photo booth pictures may be highlighted through out the week! Join the link below:

Officer Installation


Scavenger Hunt

Winner: Victoria Lee - Lebanon Trail ($100)


Talent Show Winners

  1. Danya Bernardino – STISD Health Professions ($500)
  2. Morgan Croomer – Lamesa HS ($300)
  3. Kavstab Adhikavi – Clear Horizons Early College HS Chapter 2 ($100)

Competitor Resources

Live Prelims

Interview Skills and Advanced Interview Skills check here to see your interview time and section. Good luck!

Competition Finals Rounds

Are you wondering if you made Finals? All Finals will be posted here when they are available. Good luck!

presubmit your projects!

Are you competing in an event that requires you to submit your technical project or paper? Click here to get started!

Access Application Test Files

Are you competing in an event that has an application test? Click here to get started! NOTE: You will need to know appropriate passwords for each competition.

Online Testing System

Are you looking for the Open Event tests? Or do you need to complete an objective test for your competition? Click here to get started!

Judge Resources

Access grader answer key Files

Are you judging/grading an event? Click here to access the answer key files for all competitive events. NOTE: You will need to know appropriate passwords for each competition.

Scoring login

Are you a technical judge, presentation judge, or a event grader? Click here to enter your scores using the username/password that you were provided.

judge Schedules

Are you a competition judge? Click here here to view your judging schedule.

Virtual Conference Resources

Competitive Events Coordinator, Phyllis Kostka @
Texas BPA State Advisor, Diana Weber @ or text 210-386-4983 
Director of Technology Integration, National BPA, Patrick Schultz @

Or login to the WebX HQ/Help Desk

Regular registration : 1/4/2021 – 2/10/2021
Late registration: 2/11/2021 – 2/23/2021
Presubmit cut off date: 2/10/2021
Proposed conference dates: March 2-6, 2021

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